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Counder bridges the gap between Africa and Europe!


vision is

100 EUR m
100 startups
100 partners

for Africa in
3 years.

We believe in African Solutions to Global Challenges

We believe in equal opportunities for all entrepreneurs in Africa. We increase the odds for local entrepreneurs to build scaleable businesses by putting in place key growth catalysts that will support the startup during its development.

Woman and man happily shake hands

We match
startups and

Counder bridges the trust gap between entrepreneurs and investors. We connect African impact startups with smart money from overseas. International investors that bring more to the table than just funding are matched with startups that foster African Solutions to Global Challenges.

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We support economic empowerment for all entrepreneurs in Africa

We believe in equal opportunities for all entrepreneurs in Africa. By connecting critical enablers like capital growth, ambitious tech talent, and optimal infrastructure we ensure that Counder is a key driver for progress across the African continent.



We improve

We provide all of the essential infrastructure necessary to rapidly scale a business. Our startup ready offices come equiped with reliable internet, and access to legal and VC expertise.


We transfer

Our team has decades of proven entrepreneurial success. This knowledge will be shared with aspiring founders, so they can avoid common pitfalls and fast-track their business expansion.


We provide

We provide more than just growth capital. Each investment includes strategic assistance, introductions to potential customers, partners, tech talent and much more.

We orchestrate
synergies and
build potentials.

Our multistakeholder approach guarantees diversity in problem-solving, where the unique competencies of established corporations meet the ambition and need for positive impact from local government and universities.

counder ecosystem

Multi stakeholder

Representation from the private sector, government, academic community, startup ecosystem, and skilled tech talent.


We combine best practices from high-growth startups in Europe with local African knowledge to overcome challenges.


We leverage an expansive network of connections in the African ecosystem to accelerate growth and maximise impact.

We are a network
of global leaders

We are an international network of proven entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors with the ambition to create positive impact and economic empowerment for entrepreneurs in Africa.

Michel Weiss
Oliver Matyschik
Björn Dieckmann

Where you
can find us